Crunchy, sweet yet perfect amount of sourness ,didn’t melt , great munchies snack 

Rachel D

I must say I’ve had a few things from treatsbyjourney and I can honestly say they all looked pretty and taste great. I’ve had her candy grapes I have to say by far the best ones I’ve had thus far. And her strawberries “OMG” if you haven’t tried her treats you’re missing out. And she’s very quick with having things ready for you and she do delivery what more could you ask for. I must say I was very happy with her services and I will definitely be shopping with Ms treatsbyjourney again


The attention to detail always gets me! Her flavoring is always consistent & the pricing!

Korwin G.

I usually don't eat candy or treats often, but after purchasing and tasting Treats by Journey. I will say I am a repeat customer and would recommend everyone to try her treats.


I love your videos, they are very helpful and very detailed!!!! I love how you explain everything, piece by piece and number by number!!!!!